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What Kind of Work Spaces do Entrepreneurs Prefer?

The latest trends include collaborative work centers and outdoor spaces to apps and Web solutions.

The opinions expressed by the employees of Entrepreneur are personal.  “I think the concept of what an office needs, needs to be rethought,” says Frank Mruk, dean of the School of Architecture and Design at MIT in New York, United States. “It can be said that today the offices are in danger of extinction since, in reality, they are just a meeting place. In addition, it is not necessary to be all the time in front of a desktop computer, you can also work anywhere and at any time, thanks to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets,” adds the professor. Considering the above, the question is: why should we lock ourselves in a building? Apparently, it is not necessary. For many professionals and entrepreneurs, the idea of an office seems more distant than the international clients with whom they work via Skype, Google Docs, and Dropbox. Another reality is that more and more business concepts do not require a fixed or physical space to develop their main activities. Thus, collaborators, writers, and designers can work from anywhere with an Internet connection. So the motivation is flexibility, not structure. This leaves only one issue to be resolved: the conference room. Still, business owners and managers consider it necessary to hold meetings, either internally or with clients and suppliers. This is when the services and solutions on the Web come in that allow them to be carried out remotely. The main advantage of not having to rent a workspace is that the saving of resources generated means that many companies that are just beginning are more profitable and obtain better results.

Co-working spaces: While you still do not consider yourself prepared to completely dismiss the idea of having a physical office shared workspaces may be an option for you. Among other advantages, you can live together not only with your teammates but also with other entrepreneurs of your same career or completely different industries. More and more companies offer collaborative spaces, without assigned fixed places, where creativity flows naturally. “Anyone can come to work here and can live together, exchange ideas and even form strategic alliances with other users who contribute to their work,” says Diego Vielma, founding partner of Centraal. “A good idea is useless if it is not shared. To land it and turn it into something tangible, you must work in collaboration with other people, “he adds. For her part, Elizabeth Danze, dean of the faculty of architecture at the University of Texas, explains that now architects should focus more on creating spaces where people can interact, which can be outdoors. “Green spaces, whether on rooftops, gardens or terraces, give people a place where they can relax and coexist in a different way,” he says. There are also offices that are designed under the concept of flexibility. Allowing users to choose where to locate, have multipurpose rooms, non-designated spaces and throw away physical barriers-such as personal cubicles-can generate better results. However, do not leave out those who prefer to work in established spaces. The idea is that everyone can choose the alternative that best fits their personality.

Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/267340

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