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Why use a virtual office in Miami?

Renting a virtual office in Miami is a good option for your company; it will allow you to save on costs while maintaining a professional image.

This is the classic prototype of a business: the entrepreneur who starts a project in an auxiliary room of his house and ends with a world-class company. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, for example, achieved fame by beginning the development of Google in a garage, with Jacuzzi and remote controlled door.

Those anecdotes look good in retrospect, but not all garage businesses are so successful. The first impression is what counts. This includes the address of your business, if the phone is answered and the way it is answered, and the place where you meet with potential clients and investors. 

Small business owners know this, but their dilemma is what to do about it. An office that impresses and a group of people who answer phone calls and know how to serve visitors can consume a considerable portion of their budget. How to ensure that first impressions are positive without being overwhelmed by these operating costs? 

For many companies, the answer lies in virtual environments, with which you can project the presence of a more structured company at a fraction of what it would cost an office space that provides such prestige. 

Reasons to use a virtual office in Miami

A virtual office allows the business to be managed from home. New companies and small established businesses can project an excellent image without incurring the expenses inherent to a physical office space. For an established monthly cost, it is possible to obtain a professional business address, an exclusive telephone number answered by a local receptionist, as well as the administration of your mail and calls. 

The purpose for which they are used determines the way in which they are used, so it is an excellent idea to consider which are the characteristics that best suit your type of business.

1. Commercial address that provides prestige.

For example, some of the most popular virtual office business addresses are located at the Chrysler Building in New York, at Berkeley Square in London and at the Citigroup Center in Sydney. One of these business addresses can work wonders with your image; will project more professionalism than management and is a place where you can make a good impression when you meet with clients and investors. 

2. More professional image.

For home-based businesses, the possibility that the call of one of your most important potential investors is answered by your 3-year-old child is a nightmare. And when you receive the call from an important client, do you really want your conversation to have as background a discussion of your children at the top of their lungs? 

3. Get flexibility.

Many entrepreneurs want to escape the feeling of being chained to a desk. With a virtual office in Miami, you can move and even take some free time, with the assurance that nobody will notice.

4. Eliminate distractions.

Besides being expensive, operating an office is time consuming. It is necessary to administer the support staff, equip and maintain the office, and this is just a small portion of a long list of activities. Using a virtual office makes it possible for others to take care of these tasks, allowing you to concentrate on the activities that really matter to you.

5. Expand to new markets.

Many companies use a virtual office in Miami to establish themselves in other regions. It is an excellent way to project presence while preparing to establish your physical facilities in the region. 

6. As a permanent configuration or as a temporary station.

If you set up your virtual office in a location that offers campus offices or offices with included services, you can grow without changing your business address or looking for new facilities. 

A change that takes only a few minutes

Setting up a virtual office in Miami can take only a few clicks. The advantages are obvious, but it is worth thinking about the features that are of interest to you. Do you want postal mail to be redirected from your business address to your actual office? Do you also want the answering service? Is it important to have a prestigious business address in an international business center or do you prefer something closer to your home so that you can easily use work areas, meeting rooms and video conferencing services? 

Virtual offices can meet all these specific needs; you just need to establish which ones are yours. The image and perspectives of your business and the quality of your work environment can be transformed in just a few days. For more information about getting a virtual office in Miami, give us a call at +1 305-443-1414 or email us at [email protected]

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